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Diabetes Therapy With Laser Acupuncture

Dr. Quini and patient

Bio Laser Institute advocates and practices Integrated Medicine – wellness, healing, and good health through the modalities of Alternative and Western medicine synthesized to provide the patient the benefits of both practices while avoiding reactions or complications.

Bio Laser Institute integrates the ancient principles of classical Chinese acupuncture, developed over several millennia, with state-of-the-art technologies in low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to address a host of common health problems.

We advocate the principle that THE BEST MEDICINE MAY BE LITTLE OR NO MEDICINE.

 Services Offered:

Our clinic in Escondido, CA offers non-invasive therapies with low-level lasers for:

  •   Aches and pains unrelieved by current treatments.
  •   Weight loss with body sculpture, removing unwanted localized fat deposits.
  •   Rehabilitation after strokes and restoration of disturbed muscle functions.
  •   Uncontrolled diabetes.
  •   Circulatory problems.
  •   TMJ problems
  •  And many others – We welcome inquiries

We can serve your wellness needs.  For a complete list of services we offer, please click here to visit our services page.

Inquiries welcome!