About Us

Romeo A. Quini, M.D. adopted the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture after a one to one preceptorship with Dr. Thompson Liang, an established Chinese acupuncturist, while practicing as a solo general surgeon in San Diego in the 1970s.  A graduate of the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Philippines, Dr. Quini also served as an instructor in anatomy and clinical surgery at the Mercy Hospital-Stritch School of Medicine of the Loyola University of Chicago.


about-Dr.Quini_Since the early 1970s Dr. Quini’s surgical practice has included an acupuncture and pain clinic. During this time, he started acupuncture treatments on patients who came from neighboring states as well as from places farther away such as Canada.  The practice of acupuncture, which, at the time, was still in its early stages as an alternative form of treatment and was just being introduced in California, likewise benefited patients from Dr. Quini’s surgical practice as a relief for pains and other medical problems.

In 1980, Dr. Quini  performed  a thyroidectomy on a female patient (surgical removal of the thyroid gland) using only acupuncture as an anesthetic.  The procedure is believed to be the first on record, and at present, only major surgical procedure performed in Southern California using acupuncture anesthesia.  A news article about the operation received coverage in the San Diego Union, a copy of which can be viewed here.

In 1999, after more than 30 years of general surgery practice, Dr. Quini retired from surgery and made the transition into non-invasive alternative medicine. It was during this time he started a research project for the medical applications of low level lasers .

Some 10 years later, by the year 2010, Dr. Quini developed proprietary laser instrumentation using data and techniques gathered and refined through years of testing and clinical trials, producing promising results in pain relief and control, diabetes management, paralysis rehabilitation from strokes, and treatment of many other illnesses.

In 2011, ROMEO QUINI, M.D. founded BIO LASER INSTITUTE, a California non-profit corporation, to continue the research and development of laser instruments in medical practice.

Dr. Quini is currently part of the faculty at the California Institute for Human Science Graduate School and Research Center in Encinitas, CA where he instructs students pursuing their PhD and Master’s degrees.

Dr. Quini regularly goes on medical volunteer missions to remote rural areas in the Philippines for several weeks at a time on a bi-annual basis.