Hybrid Medicine: Low-Level Lasers and Traditional Acupuncture

Toyota-Prius-300x190Hybrid as a word commonly refers to vehicles with 2 sources of propulsion. The usual combustion engine and electricity from a rechargeable battery.

In biology,  specifically genetics and crop breeding, hybrids may refer to crops such as rice or corn which may have greater resistance to pesticides, better tolerance to harsh environments, and faster growing phases.

corn-200x300Our Hybrid Instruments and Technology

Our instruments at Bio Laser Institute are “hybrids” which combine ancient classical Chinese acupuncture principles with low-level laser technology.

We synthesize integrated medicine from the ancient classical Chinese practice of acupuncture with modern low-level laser technology. Low-level laser acupuncture achieves all advantages afforded by traditional acupuncture and laser technology but without any of the drawbacks of traditional laser surgery.


Comparison of Low Level and Surgical Lasers

                        Low Level Lasers                                                         Surgical Lasers
    Non-invasive – restores disturbed cellular                          structures and functions          Invasive – cuts and coagulates tissues
     Tissues return to normal after treatment         Alters structures and functions of tissues
     Low powered –   around 5 milliwatts         High powered – 500 milliwatts or more
     Nearly painless         Painful
     Operating Time : Shorter (a few minutes)         Operating Time: Longer (a few hours)
     Recovery Time: Almost instantaneous         Recovery Time: Significantly longer
     Economical and affordable         Prohibitive costs