Body Sculpting and Weight Loss

1. Full Body Contouring

This is complete body reshaping with the use of Low Level Laser Phototherapy. No injections or medications are used. The procedure is done with low level laser therapy two to three times a week.

When LLL is focused on fat cells, temporary pores are created in the walls.  The fat contents of the cells are dissolved, passes out and are carried by the kidneys out.

Sample case:




weightloss after

Other sculpturing techniques:

body sculpturing


2. Laser and Lotion Technique
In a desire to have a fully non invasive fat melt technique, ROMEO A. QUINI, M.D. developed a skin lotion containing the medications used in regular needle mesotherapy.
  • 1. Apply laser beams to areas with UNWANTED FAT.
  • 2. Apply a very thin layer of the “Fat Melt Lotion”.
  • 3. Follow again with laser beams.
Fat cells are slowly dissolved, and eliminated thru the kidneys.The loss of inches in the fully non-invasive Laser-Lotion-Laser technique is slower than the conventional injection technique.
3. Injection Technique
In Mesotherapy the loss is in inches and not in pounds.
This is the original mesotherapy started in France by Dr. Pistor. We have followed it as the only procedure we used for body sculpturing in 2008 and 2009 until we developed the fat melt lotion. The result is loss of measurable inches rather than pounds with improvement of the body figure, body sculpturing.

 The original mesotherapy is a non-invasive liposuction. Medications are injected on the outer layer of the skin with very fine short needles. The fat cells are liquified and passed out through the kidneys.

The fat melt lotion and laser technique utilizes the same medications as mesotherapy except it is applied on the skin in unwanted fat body areas as a lotion preceded and followed by lasers. The results are slower than the surgical procedure liposuction.

Eye Bags:

 The original injection technique of mesotherapy is also used for eye bags. With 1 to 2 sessions about 6 to 8 weeks apart for good desired results.

In the eye bag lotion program, no laser or injection is used. The lotion is self applied by the patient every day.

Results of body sculpturing and weight loss:

Some patients really need to lose unwanted fat, like this patient. Because of being overweight she needs physical assistance all the time.

laser lotion protocol

The laser-lotion-laser protocol was used on this case.

laser therapy

after laser therapy

Other Cases:

Body Sculpturing

body sculpturing2

After low-level laser therapy,


the waistline circumference became smaller


the breast mount became more prominent,


and the ideal figure was attained.

Another Case of Body Sculpturing

                                    Before laser and lotion therapy on the abdomen and thighs.






Patient lost .75 inches in the waistline and .25 inches in the thighs after two weeks of twice a week therapy.





Patient lost 4 inches in the waist and 2 inches in the thighs after 2 weeks of twice a week therapy.

The lotion and laser cases showed 1/2 to 2 inches loss after a few weeks treated two times a week.


Body Sculpturing can produce weight loss and attain the desired figure.