Laser Acupuncture


doctor-patientAcupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years. Very fine needles are inserted at specific points along the meridian lines to correct the disturbed flow of energy. The needles are manually manipulated. Electrical impulses may be applied to the needles instead of the manual manipulation.

Various forms of corrective forces can be used instead of the needle, plain finger pressure (acupressure), heat (moxa), ultrasound, and lately LOW LEVEL LASER.

Laser acupuncture is the application of laser energy at acupuncture points. ROMEO A. QUINI, M.D. was probably one the first physicians to initiate the use of LOW LEVEL LASER in acupuncture.

hands on teaching

Laser acupuncture can be utilized in all indications of the ancient needle acupuncture plus other complicated medical problems. The main advantage of lasers is it is completely non-invasive, user friendly and gives faster effects.

With hands on instruction and training, lay persons can perform self-therapies alone or with families like in arthritis, ordinary pains and complicated illnesses as diabetes, Parkinsonism, paralysis from stroke and many others.

lasers treat aches and pains

The husband gives the wife laser treatment for arthritis pains on the neck.

wife gives husband therapy

Paralysis after strokes can satisfactorily recover with laser therapy.