Laser Rehabilitation For Full Recovery

Low-level laser treatment of paralysis is shown to be effective in the following cases of a patient with a paralyzed right arm and hand as well as on stroke patients.


Brain Damaged Twice With Gun Shot Wounds, Recovered with Low Level Lasers

Brain Hemorrhage Recovered with Low Level Lasers

Before Treatment

49-year-old engineer with brain bleed from the hospital and ICU. Came in limp. No motion.

After Low Level Laser Treatment

With 25 sessions he is now back to work. No physical disability.

Applications are simple – Even a child can do it!

Paralyzed Hand Recovers After Laser Therapy

This video posted on YouTube shows a woman with right arm and hand paralysis after a stroke spontaneously moves her fingers during initial low level laser therapy.

The patient previously could no longer move her right hand after her stroke.

paralyzed hand

Follow up a few months later with increased hand motions.

Low-Level Laser Treatment on a 15-Year Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy is a form of facial paralysis involving a disorder of the nerve responsible for control of facial muscles.   Our patient has had the condition for 15 years before treatment.

Bell's palsy before

Before Treatment with Low Level Lasers


 After Treatment