Low level Laser Instruments

BIOLASER is registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office for our low level laser medical devices, which are handheld, battery operated, user friendly, precision instruments and individually crafted with tightly managed quality and performance.  Every unit is designed for the specific patient needs or medical provider scope of practice.

Each unit, provides laser acupuncture point therapy and direct laser photo therapy for body areas or organs affected, as described in the section on Hybrid Medicine.

The fixed head models are suited for general applications commonly encountered in an outpatient setting and can be used by patients with chronic, long-standing problems.

The replaceable heads model come with a ‘general use’ head and can be equipped with extra heads for aesthetic applications as well as paralysis secondary to strokes, tattoo erasing and others.


Specialty heads are available for:

  • Relieve pains from all sources
  • Melt undesired body fat areas (body sculpturing)
  • Regrowth of hair in bald areas
  • Remove unwanted hair
  • Erase tattoos
  • Restore motions in post stroke paralysis
  • Other applications

Bio Laser low-level instruments are user friendly and easy to operate, even little kids can apply therapies.

2016 Fixed and Replaceable Head Laser Instrument Models

laserinstrument2-300x200  laserinstrument-300x200
 laserinstrument3-300x200  laser-instrument1-300x200

Individual patient self-therapy units are available.

2017 Bio Laser Model

bio laser1

Built in rechargeable battery.


simple push button controls.

laser instrument

Hairbrush/massage attachment

Detailed timer control

Detailed timer control