Laser Acupuncture as observed by a licensed acupuncturist:


Comment RQuini, MD: As we have maintained our opinion that laser acupuncture is more efficient than needle acupuncture. Further, it works faster and administration is easier.

Patient Testimonials

Pain After Tooth Surgery

relief for tooth pains after surgery

Sarah Young’s testimonial in PDF 

I had three teeth surgically cut out along with bone grafts. I couldn’t eat or hardly drink as the pain was so intense. When I came to see Dr. Quini, he suggested the BioLaser. After just a few minutes of treatment I was pain free. I would recommend it and will come back for more treatments following more dental procedures.

-Sarah Young

Temporo-mandibular Joint Problem


My name is Alma, I’m 35 years old and mother of 4 kids. I have been having pain on my right side of jaw -“TMJ” and I’ve seen 3 dentists to try to find help. One dentist offered to “help” me for $8,000 and gave me night guards. Another proposed jaw surgery and still left me in debilitating pain. I went to Kaiser, then the doctors sent me back to a dentist. Still no relief. I was lucky to find help here today with Bio Laser’s help my jaw is relaxed. I can drive home without crying. I’m so thankful!!

Alma Marquez

TMJ relieved with laser acupuncture

Pinched Nerve (Neuropathy) Arm


My name is Sarah, and I have had a pinched nerve in my elbow causing pain & tingling for years. Dr. Quini did laser acupuncture on my elbow and thee pain and tingling I had for years was gone within minutes.

arm neuropathy

Disc Problem






Treatment with laser acupuncture treated headaches and backpain.


Patient with headaches and nausea all the time. Relieved immediately with laser acupuncture.


Chronic headaches and anxiety gone in 2 minutes.


Short and sweet relief of headache.


Migraine relieved with laser acupuncture.


Dr. Romeo A. Quini, M.D. is a very professional & sympathetic doctor who cares for his patients. He cured my headache with laser acupuncture!

Thank you,

– Theresa De Vito

Comment: Patient had migraine. Relieved with laser acupuncture.


I had a headache and back pain, the doctor put a laser on my head for less than 5 minutes. My head didn’t hurt anymore.  I am 19 years old.

– G.L.

Comment: Migraine with back aches relieved.




Back Pain


Tension on neck and back relieved in seconds.



I am AG – I am 70 years old. I had the laser treatment for back pain. It did help to reduce my pain in my lower back. It also helped with tight muscles.

– AG

Comment: Arthritic problems relieved by laser acupuncture.

Other Illnesses

Pain When Sitting


So much pains when sitting down relieved tight away with the laser instrument.



Eczema relieved with laser acupuncture.



My name is Patty Tovar. I came in for an appointment for my daughter. I was losing my voice when Dr. Quini came in to see Miranda and asked me questions, he could not understand me.He pulled out a light and placed it on my throat for maybe a few minutes. I can’t explain it, but my voice was back!

I am very, very excited and pleased! See it to believe it. Try it to be relieved!


Patty Tovar

Comment: Patient had laryngitis. Relieved with laser acupuncture.


Great pain relief from laser acupuncture on two areas of my back between shoulders and low back pain. Chronic pain for 15 years, this treatment gave me relief in tight knot in back and loosened tightness and pain in low back.  And it only took seconds!!

– CS

Comment: Fifteen years of chronic pains relieved.


88-year-old man with pain in knees when walking.

I brought my dad to the doctor because it was getting hard to walk but with the laser, he walked better.

Daughter’s remarks on her 88-year-old father.