Treatment of Blood Circulation Problems

Low-level radiation therapy supplemented with chelation therapy are effective in the treatment of blood circulation problems.

Chelation therapy is an easy and inexpensive way of correcting artery disease. When the arteries are narrowed or blocked there is a reduction or loss of the oxygen flow to the vital organs supplied by those arteries. Our approach is a combination of Laser and Medicinal care.  When chelation, either oral or intravenous is administered with low level lasers, chest pains and muscular problems are relieved with restoration of the reduced or blocked circulation.

An unhealthy cholesterol level can be the reason of narrowed or blocked arteries limiting the blood flow.

The case of former president Clinton is a typical example. With clinical history of coronary artery problems, he had a bypass.

Clinton quadruple bypass

A few years later, he had stents applied because of reoccurrence. This, according to his cardiologist, is a common occurrence.

President Clinton's stent

If former president Clinton had chelation prior to the bypass he should have been cleared completely.

The essentials of chelation is as follows:


The Plaque (plak) that is produced is a fatty material made mainly of cholesterol deposits in the artery walls that occurs throughout the 75,000 miles of the circulatory system. The arteries cannot stretch, cannot carry as much blood and can form blood clots, causing the narrowed or blocked arterial circulation.

When blocked by plaque, the body parts that are not receiving enough blood can become damaged. When this happens to the brain it results in a stroke, in the heart, a heart attack, on the legs gangrene that may need amputations.

A coronary artery bypass replaces only a few inches of artery in the heart and can be a temporary fix. Chelation therapy clears up the entire blockade throughout the body. 

Chelation therapy involves the intravenous infusion of a prescription medicine ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid arteries(EDTA), a substance which removes the calcium deposits that block the arteries. It is a controversial therapy and not yet accepted into standard medical practice. For over 40 years it has been shown that EDTA works well for circulation problems. It also helps people with degenerative diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. It also helps eliminate or reduce many harmful metals that affect the cells of the body.

While the patient is having the intravenous infusion, LLLT is applied over the heart. In about 90 minutes, an intravenous infusion is finished while reading or watching t.v. or even taking a nap.

arteriesThe whole body is treated in chelation therapy and the cost is much less than a bypass. A patient with acute symptoms of heart circulation problems will need about 30 chelation infusions. Less severe clinical problems will need fewer sessions. These therapies should be continued until all symptoms are relieved. The same therapies can be applied for blockage of circulation to other parts of the body, like the legs, head, etc.

The same problem exists in surgical correction of blockage in other parts. Only the limited area corrected surgically is relieved the other parts remain obstructed.


chelation vs bypass

In summary, our low-level laser therapies combined with oral or intravenous chelation is a less expensive and completely non-invasive way of whole body care of circulation problems.